Tennents – 5.25

Every perfect pint of Tennent’s Lager contains only 100% Scottish barley, the finest hops and the freshest water from Loch Katrine – which, handily, gets topped up by the glorious Scottish rain. 

Heverlee – 6

Following the Belgian origins, we skim every pint to perfection. Heverlee is a distinctly refreshing lager, using the finest Saaz hops to deliver a distinctly bitter aroma to balance the subtle honey sweetness of the malt and maize mash.

Dry Gate Seven Peaks – 6

Burnished gold. May pour hazy. Complex notes of pine needle, forest fruit, spruce, gorse. Sweet caramel balanced with moderate citrus bitterness.

Dry Gate Disco Forklift Truck – 6.5

Big aromas of mango, with notes of passionfruit and papaya. Ripe tropical and stone fruits, sweet biscuit and caramel. Light and dry, with a mild tempering bitterness.



Tiny Rebel 313 – 5

Get ready to quench your thirst with this super refreshing craft lager. Hopped with columbus and hallertau blanc.. ABV 4.6%

Peroni Red Label – 4

If you like Peroni’s Nastro Azzurro, then you’ll love this step up from their iconic lager. Peroni Red is a little deeper in its colour and hoppy flavour, but keeps the same crisp and refreshing taste. It also happens to be Italy’s favourite beer. ABV 4.7%

Alhambra Reserva 1925 –  5.25                                                                                                                                                           

 Ultra-Premium in taste and presentation with a unique embossed bottle, this award winning lager which is brewed over 35 days has a powerful nose of caramel is full of flavours with a satisfying finish. ABV 6.4%


Fierce Hazy – 6.25

A crisp and refreshing IPA, full of grapefruit and a light hop bitterness on the finish. ABV 5.0% (GF) (VG)

Black Isle Session – 6

Organic gluten free IPA with aromas of peach, tangerine and resinous pine with fruity tropical flavours and a fresh minerality on the finish.. ABV 3.4%

Non-Alcoholic Beer 

Jump Ship Yardarm Lager – 4.5

A crisp and lively lager with a perfect balance of biscuity malt and citrusy hops. Zesty, refreshing and exceedingly drinkable.. ABV 0.5%

Jump Ship Flying Colours Pale Ale – 4.5

A distinctive, full-bodied pale ale which packs a shipload of flavour. Malty base notes, topped with fruity hops combined with a kick of lime for a satisfyingly bitter finish.. ABV 0.5%